So Long, Farewell #Freberg17

An insane man (Chris Brown) once said “There’s never a right time to say goodbye”. Some goodbyes are easy and some are hard. But this goodbye is bittersweet. As this is coming to a close, I’m saddened to say that this is my last #Freberg17 blogpost.

If you don’t know already, #Freberg17 is my Social Media class taught by the AMAZING Dr. Karen Freberg. Throughout this semester we’ve used the hashtag #Freberg17 to connect with each other on our social media platforms. To some it may seem like a chore to be required to interact with your classmates outside of class, but interacting with #Freberg17 was far from a chore. Each and every single person in the class has a distinct personality. Through our blogs, tweets, and class discussions I feel like I got to know everyone personally! That’s something that you won’t get out of every class!

One thing I really gained from this class is my networking skills. Every week Dr. Freberg invited professional guest speakers to our class. These speakers talked about everything from blogging and social media management to getting a job after school. All of the speakers were so genuine and supportive that they even allowed us to reach out to them through social media.

Another skill I gained from this class is professionalism. If you know me then you know that Twitter is my favorite social media platform and it has been my playground for years. I love to find a good laugh and make others laugh on Twitter. Through this class I learned about how important your social media presence is. All it takes is a simple google search of your name by a future employer and they can see everything you’ve posted or liked. This made me want to better my presence on social media because not only does my class look through the #Freberg17 hashtag but social media professionals do as well. So it was very important for me to clean up my social presence to ensure that I am representing myself and the class in the right way!

In conclusion, this class was hands down the best class I’ve ever taken at the University of Louisville. Dr. Freberg is a one of a kind professor. She is so passionate and knowledgable about her expertise that it makes you passionate as well. She also cares about the advancement of all of her students and that’s something that is hard to find. Thank you Dr. Freberg and #Freberg17 for this awesome semester! Good luck in everything you guys do, I know you’ll do great!


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