Insights From a Social Media Pro

Today in class we had the pleasure of skyping with the Washington Redskins’ “Stat Guy”, Geoffrey Blosat. Throughout this semester, we have discussed all things social media in our class. It was very interesting to get Geoffrey’s insight of the back end of social media. Geoffrey is the Digital Analyst for the Redskins meaning he observes all the digital stats and traffic for the NFL team. Geoffrey provided us with a vast amount of information about social media metrics and trends. I really enjoyed when he discussed the case studies of the Redskins! He broke up the case studies in three categories: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



The first case study Geoffrey discussed was about the Redskins’ engagement on Facebook! Geoffrey explained that every morning the Redskins post a picture, ranging from fan pics to live action game shots. He added that photos get more reactions and videos are more likely to be shared, which many social media pros can attest to.


The second case study Geoffrey discussed was Twitter. With Twitter being so dynamic and interactive, he said that hashtags are essential! Geoffrey shared with us that the Redskins’ top hashtag is #HTTR or Hail To The Redskins. He explained that since Twitter introduced branded hashtags, #HTTR became the 4th most used team hashtag in the NFL!


Lastly, Geoffrey discussed Instagram. He told the class that the Redskins utilize Instagram stories quite a bit. He said that the brand saw a huge spike in their website traffic directly from creating stories on Instagram. He even mentioned that more of their stories are seen on Instagram than snapchat. This didn’t surprise me though, many brands are shifting from snapchat stories to Instagram stories.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed Geoffrey’s discussion! He is very knowledgable and passionate about what he does! Thanks for speaking to us Geoffrey!




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