Trash Food Thread

This week, I noticed a lot of “Trash food threads” on Twitter.

I honestly thought every single one I saw was absurd

So i decided to make my own “Trash food thread” but in blog form!





I honestly hate tomatoes with a passion. What’s really annoying is that they’re in EVERYTHING. Every sandwich, pasta, or salad comes with tomatoes. They’re so juicy and flavorless, it just disgusts me. BUT I do love salsa!



I’ll never forget when I was in elementary school and I thought this cake was just a plain white cake…IT WASN’T. It was coconut and I literally spit it out. Ever since then, I’ve never let anything coconut or coconut flavor touch my tastebuds.

Dr. Pepper

dr pepper

No explanation needed. This has got to be the most disgusting soda ever created.



DISGUSTING. So mushy and so gross. I don’t care if they’re baked beans, in chili, in Mexican food, or etc. I WILL NOT eat them.



I don’t understand how a fruit so sour and unpleasant is a flavor for cake, candy, cookies, and etc. I feel like the only thing that should contain any form of lemon is lemonade.



Hummus has no flavor and has a mushy texture so I don’t even know why it’s a thing?



This is the fruit that I absolutely hate the most. The smell of oranges literally make me gag. My mom even told me that when she was pregnant with me she couldn’t drink orange juice cause I’d make her throw up. I hate this flavor so much, I don’t even eat orange starbursts.



Mushrooms are a big NO for me. I don’t understand their purpose in food. They have no flavor at all! They’re also slimy which is something I cannot handle.

Panda Express


If you’ve had the Panda Express on campus, then theres no need for an explanation



I’m not sure why chocolate is popular, it’s so overrated! It doesn’t taste good to me. Anytime I eat chocolate flavored anything I feel like I need to drink 5 gallons of water. Chocolate cake, ice cream, candy, and etc. is gross!!

Honestly, I could probably go on and on about the foods that I don’t like but I won’t. Stay tuned for a “Good Foods” post!


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