Thinking Outside the (Shoe)Box


A wise woman (me) once said, “Smart brands keep up with the trends, but extraordinary brands keep up with the consumer”. The brands that are the most influential are not the ones with the most followers on twitter or the ones who have the most celebrities in their ad campaigns. The most influential brands are the ones that mold to their consumer. They analyze what interests their target audience and push out content geared towards that interest. Traditional content won’t get you too far in 2017, you have to do more than utilize current trends. You have to think outside of the box! One brand that does a great job in the content creation area is Adidas.

By collaborating with artists like Kanye West and Pharell and  high-end designer names like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney, the audience of the athletic brand has shifted. The consumers of Adidas are no longer just athletes but they are also the fashion-forward and culturally creative individuals. Adidas has done an excellent job of adjusting to this consumer expansion. Their social media pages post content that appeal to everyone. The Adidas Originals Instagram page is a mecca of originative crafted content.

For the reveal of their new Kith and Naked collaboration Adidas posted this gem to their Instagram. IMG_5735.jpg

The explosion of vivid colors against the neutral background instantly pulls the viewer in. Even if you’re not a sneaker head, you would be enticed to click on the picture when you saw it on your Instagram explore page.

I mean look at these images. Adidas isn’t just selling shoes anymore..


They’re selling a lifestyle…


They’re selling a fantasy!


The Adidas Originals brand has been around for a long time. Popular shoes such as the Superstar and the Stan Smiths are classics that almost everyone has or had a pair of. Consumers today of all ages are still purchasing these shoes, so why fix something that isn’t broke? To revamp the Adidas Originals brand, Adidas launched the “Original is Never Finished” campaign. This campaign is content creation GOLD. “Original is Never Finished” dives into the idea that past is never over. There are always new and creative ways in which you can reinvent the past and still make it original. Adidas took well known masterpieces such as “The Birth of Venus” and Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” album cover and reinvented them. This appeals to the consumer because they are seeing something they are familiar with, but with a new twist. The campaign is also star studded with artists such as MadeInTyo and Desiigner. Check out the campaign here and on their Instagram page.


Adidas’ team of creatives is top notch and their work is surely proving it. They are effectively creating cutting-edge content that is geared towards their consumers. Content creation is king and is here to stay. There are not too many brands that have grasped the importance of content creation which is why Adidas is standing out from the competition.


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