Industry Tips from a Social Media Whiz

Today, Papa John’s Senior Social Media Manager, Leah Shultz attended my social media class and it was indeed a pleasure. Leah, a Louisville native is a social media WHIZ. She single handedly is driving the Papa Johns social media force and is doing a great job at it. Leah offered tips and suggestions for the class about the social media industry. Here is what I took away from her presentation.

STAND OUTunicorn-face

In the strategic communications industry, there are millions of talented and creative individuals. There are many individuals who have the same, more, and even less skills than you so it is your job to set yourself aside from the masses. Leah recalled her interview with Papa Johns and how she brought old analytics reports from her past job. She explained that her interviewer was surprised and happy that she could physically see what Leah could bring to the company. This, accompanied with her talent and experience, set Leah aside from her competitors.

Another point that Leah made is to get creative. Everyone in this industry says they are “creative”, so you have to go the extra mile to show that you truly are. Leah mentioned how she was over traditional and boring cover letters. She took matters into her own hands and made a list of reasons why “Leah Rocks” which served as her cover letter. To expand on this topic even more, I asked about her thoughts on infographic resumes. She said, “LOVE IT”. Infographic resumes are perfect for applying to strategic communication jobs. Infographics contain less words by eliminating fluff and unnecessary information and provide a visual.These are the perfect way to showcase your personality and creativity.

Sample Workspiral-note-pad.png

Leah also stressed the importance of sample work. Sample work is a must when applying for jobs and for professional platforms like LinkedIn. Some examples of sample work are analytics reports, press releases, blogs, and flyers or content you’ve created. I really liked that she pointed out that blogging can be presented as sample work. There are many people who have never had an internship or job in the industry they want to go into, so blogging is simple and easy way for them to display their interests and talents.

Along with discussing sample work, Leah stressed the importance of proofreading. She explains that one of the biggest turnoffs for employers is spelling errors and mistakes. I personally hate proof reading my work! I’d rather complete it, submit it, and be done with it. Over the course of my collegiate career, I have noticed that on all of my writing assignments spelling and grammatical errors were my biggest critique. These mistakes all could have been non-existent if I would have looked over my work. By listening to Leah talk about how important proof reading is, my attitude has definitely changed. I do not want to miss out on an opportunity all because I misspelled the simplest word.

Being in the presence of a social media whiz was an honor. Leah Shultz is truly an inspiration. The information that she shared with the class was qualitative and relatable. She gave us a true inside look of the social media industry and tips on how we can be successful like her! Thank you Leah!







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