Blurring the Lines Between Professional and Personal


Having a social media presence is a MUST in today’s society. This is how we connect with people we know and who we want to know. Social media is also how we can connect with current and even future employers. A majority of employers are looking at social media as a factor in whether to hire someone nowdays . Thus making it extremely important to keep your online reputation clean, cut, and professional. But being professional shouldn’t have to mean being lifeless and like a robot. You can still be professional online and let your personality shine through at the same time.


One way to efficiently blur the lines between personal and professional is through the use of pictures. Any pictures displaying places you’ve been to or events you’ve attended are great ways to show your personality. Family and friends are also good ways to show who you are. These types of pictures will make you seem more relatable and future employers could even find common interests. For example, maybe the position you are interested in requires you to travel. Sharing photos of the places you’ve traveled to show that you enjoy traveling and are familiar with the traveling process.



2. Links

Another way that you can be professional and personal is through the use of the content you share to your followers. It is very beneficial to share content about the industry you are in. This shows that you are updated on the changes and trends that are happening in your industry. This also makes you more credible to future employers. I would suggest using discretion when it comes to sharing other topics. Keep in mind everyone doesn’t have the same views nor humor as you.

There Public Relations Major Trends


In this age of technology, social media is apart of our everyday lives. You never know who is watching so being professional is key. Since social media is apart of what our society is, it is okay to show a little bit of who you are while keeping it professional all at the same time. Hopefully these few tips will help create the perfect balance of personal and professional for your online presence.



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