Hi, I’m Taylor

Hi, I’m Taylor…

Introductions like this are pretty typical and cliche, so I’m going to let you guys know who I am in a different way. If we didn’t have a class together you might run into me in two different scenarios…

Scenario 1:

It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you are shopping at Mall St Matthews. You decide to go in to Aldo to browse at some shoes. The first person who greets you is a tall girl with long hair. She is wearing an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and tall over the knee boots. She smiles and asks “Hi, how are you”? followed by “Just so ya know we have a sale going on, 50% off the shoes in the back wall”. You say “Thank you” and continue to browse through the store. You then hear the same girl talking about the most random things with her co workers. She’s talking about Kylie Jenner, food, and some show called “Shameless”.  The girl then asks if you want to try on anything, you say no and she goes to the back room of the store. She comes back out chewing food and has crumbs on her shirt. She then continues to talk about “Shameless” with her co-workers.

Scenario 2:

It is a typical school day at the University of Louisville. You’re sitting in class, bored, so you decide to check Twitter. The timeline is very dry today.  You don’t see anything extremely funny or interesting. As soon as you’re about to close out of the app, you refresh your timeline one more time. To your surprise you see the FUNNIEST and most outrageous tweet that was retweeted on your timeline. The tweet comes from some girl called “Taypac”. You click on her profile and she weirdly has cheese bread as her header. Her pinned tweet is: Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.05.51 PM.png

You scroll through her tweets and her favorites find her to be relatable and hilarious. You instantly follow her and a couple of minutes later she follows you back!

Through these scenarios you learned a little bit about me. 1. I work in the mall at Aldo which is an up-scale shoe brand. I love to talk about Kylie Jenner, whether it’s obssessing over her latest Instagram post or talking about how annoying she can be. 2. Food is my favorite thing in the world. There is never a time where I’m not thinking about food. 3. “Shameless” is my latest addiction. Shameless is a show on Netflix about an alcoholic father and his five kids. It is hilarious but at the same time touches on serious topics such as mental illness, gentrification, and substance abuse. 4.Twitter is my life. Twitter is my favorite social media platform because it is so dynamic. When I’m in a bad mood, I can always get on twitter and be instantly happy. 5. Cheese bread is my favorite food.

Now that you’ve learned about me, I can’t wait to learn about you guys! #Freberg17


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