Steak N Shake

image.jpegSteak n Shake is one of Americas greatest treasures. I mean just look above. You may think, “Why is she talking about a burger joint, those are everywhere” but it’s not just any joint ITS FREAKING STEAK N SHAKE.

There are many reason why Steak N Shake reigns in my top favorite burger places. For one, the prices are perfect prices for broke college students like myself. They have a full menu with 24 items all FOR UNDER $4. You can get a double cheese burger and fries for just $4, among many other things. The milkshakes are reasonable priced too. A simple milkshake is only two dollars and some change. This is awesome because at other restaurants that’s how much a regular soft drink costs.

Another reason why Steak N Shake is the GOAT is for the food and experience. Every bun is buttered and crispy on the edges, making a delightful crunch when you take a bite. The burger is thin but super juicy. The milkshakes are the perfect blend. They aren’t too thick and not to thin so you can either slurp it with a straw or eat it with a spoon. Now every Steak N Shake experience has been the same for me. Typically if you dine in, you’re going to be waiting awhile so it’s best if you go with some cool people. Also if you go late at night you might encounter some interesting characters. I’ve seen many fights and many hilarious and unbelievable things at Steak N Shake.

Now that its holiday season they have their holiday flavor milkshake. I recommed the Cookie Butter shake. It has the perfect taste of gingerbread and graham cracker pieces. They also have an app where you can get a free milkshake!

What is your favorite thing from Steak N Shake?



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