A calendar year has 12 months and 365 days. Throughout the year there are many holidays.  They all go in the order of their month. You would think this is common knowledge but it is obviously not. There are people out in the world who go from celebrating halloween to celebrating Christmas. They act like Thanksgiving doesn’t even matter or exist!!!!

Thanksgiving deserves so much recognition because it is the BEST holiday! What do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? You think of FOOD. How could a  whole day be dedicated to just eating food, and of course giving thanks, but mainly food? You don’t have to buy anyone gifts, you have something to eat for about a week, and you get to spend time with family. All you literally have to do on Thanksgiving is show up for the food, watch football, and then take a nap. You don’t have to worry about your parents complaining about you napping because it’s an understood tradition. You also get to indulge in so much food. I can’t wait to fill my plate up with turkey, ham, mac and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing. 8c3a3100ed84050268ee55e3319d00c9

Christmas can’t even compare.  I mean yeah you get gifts but theres so much hype. It’s like all year you prepare for this moment of opening gifts for 30 minutes and then its over. You go back to bed and then start planning for New Years. You also have to get people gifts, which can be fun sometimes until you realize you spent half  a paycheck on them and all they got you was a magnet.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving is the GOAT of all holidays. #TeamChristmas can wait their turn!






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