Homecoming Step Show 2016

Step Show…besides the game and tailgate is one of the best parts of homecoming. This show is where sororities and fraternities of the Divine 9 (AKA’s, Alphas, Ques, Kappas, Zetas, Sigmas, Deltas, SGRhos and Iotas) create exhilarating performances the include voice overs, props, and of course steps.

Step show preparation takes a lot hard work and time. Organizations prepare for this big day so far in advance. So even start a whole year before. There are many components that make up a fascinating performance.

The 1st one is the theme. The theme is the basis for the whole performance. The theme needs to be creative and unique so that the audience will be talking about it long after the show is over. Costumes and props are included in this component. Not only is the performance important but so is the look and overall vibe.

The next component is the steps. The part of the show is one of the most important. It’s 2016 and with movies like “Stomp the Yard” people have already seen basic and simple steps. The steps need to be clean, crisp, and hard.

The other components are performance based. The energy and precision. If everyone is energetic then the performance will be exciting and make the audience want more.

In conclusion, step show is a lot of hard work on and behind the stage. Come out and support the organizations of divine 9. The step show will be held at memorial auditorium on Friday at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $15 and will be sold in the SAC.


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