Stranger Things Review

*Warning this blog contains spoilers*

Because of my irresponsible use of time and lack of cable, Netflix is apart of my daily routine. From documentaries to reality TV shows, I literally watch everything on there. Recently I just finished an AMAZING show. It’s fairly new to netflix and is extremely popular. It’s called Stranger Things.

Now the title of the show embodies the series perfectly. It’s extremely strange and weird lol. Every five minutes you’re like “wtf”. The show is set in the in the 70s and it surrounds 4 middle school boys. They’re pretty much “nerds”, they play games in the basement and get bullied at school. But they’re still the coolest kids ever. One of the boys (Will) goes missing and obviously his mother, brother, and friends are devastated. They all believe the boy is still alive even after the police find a “body” in the lake.26-stranger-things-w529-h352

Meanwhile, in the midst of grieving their friend, the other 3 boys encounter a new companion. She goes by the name Eleven. She’s pretty weird too but freaking awesome. She rarely speaks in full sentences but has these awesome super powers. Throughout the season we find out that Eleven escaped from a secret facility where she was being tested and experimented on. They made her use her powers against her will, causing trauma to her young mind yet making her more powerful at the same time.


Eventually we find out that Will is still alive. He is trapped in a parallel world called the upside down, that resembles the real world its just darker and scarier. He can see and hear everything going on in the real world but no one can see him on the other side. He starts to communicate to his mother through the electricity  in their house. This fills her with so much hope and gives her the will to keep searching for him.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, in the midst of everything theres this huge scary monster with no face that is terrorizing the real world and upside down.


All in all this show is freaking weird. But I LOVED it and literally watched the whole season in 2 days. If you’re looking for a show to be emotionally invested in, then this is a good one!





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