Hi, My Name is Taylor

After going through a million (actually three) topics of what to write about for my first blog, I finally came to the decision. I wanted to write about something dynamic, trendy, and leave the reader wanting more. So obviously I chose to write about myself.

With that being said…Hi my name is Taylor! I am a Junior Communication major at the University of Louisville.  I am originally from Bowling Green, Kentucky which is the 2nd best city in the state next to Louisville of course.

A little about myself is that I’m a free spirit. I believe that what you put into the world is what you’ll get out of it. I also believe that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason. Because of my outlook on life, I try to live positively, freely, and express myself in every way possible. Typically people have one spirit animal but I have a compilation of many. Those include Jimi Hendrix, Rihanna, and Amy Schumer.

In my free time you can catch me scrolling through tweets…actually that’s all the time. Twitter is my all-time favorite social media platform. From the memes to the gifs and even the vines, Twitter is just filled with comedy. You can also catch me online shopping or just adding things to my cart that I’ll never buy because I’m a broke college student.

I have a lot of hobbies but they usually contradict with each other. It’s like I’m always in a constant battle between disciplining myself and treating myself. For example, I like to work out sometimes and go for a hike but I also like eat an entire pizza with extra cheese by myself. I love to go out whether it’s to a party or just to a friend’s house, but I also enjoy being bundled up in bed netflixing all night.

I could go on more about myself but I’ll save that for next time!




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